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Doctoral research

Doctoral research on the Danube in UAUIM

PhD theses with topics related to the Danube, defended between 2012-2022 at UAUIM

PhD theses on Danube-related topics in progress

20 PhD research proposals related to the Danube

  1. Integrated approaches to improve the sustainable use of cross-border cultural heritage
  2. Networked approaches to public facilities in cross-border regions
  3. Research on the historical influence of the present EDC for the urban space of Danube cities
  4. Mobility and accessibility of the Danube space; potential for green mobility
  5. Traditional building techniques and their integration into sustainable tourism products in the Danube regions
  6. Urban space facing the need for cross-border labour market development
  7. Territorial networks in the Danube area, disparities and solutions for rebalancing
  8. The evolving morphology of the urban tissues of small and medium-sized Danube cities
  9. Innovative and collaborative management of Natura 2000 sites in the Danube border area
  10. Master+ level educational programmes on the subject of small and medium sized Danube towns
  11. The cross-border Danube landscape: from theory to verification of its vitality and sustainability
  12. Architectural typologies and building techniques specific to the Lower Danube region / comparative
  13. Landscape architecture strategies in urban front areas in small and medium sized cities
  14. Research on Byzantine architecture in the Balkan Danube region
  15. Tourist exploitation of archaeological sites in the Danube area
  16. The dialogue of the large metropolises in the Danube area (Vienna, Bratislava, Belgrade, Budapest) and the impact on the sustainable development of the basin
  17. Use of the Danube cultural heritage in trans-generational educational projects
  18. Industrialisation - de-industrialisation - re-industrialisation in small and medium sized towns in the Danube basin
  19. Bridges of the Danube. Monographic documentary study and their relevance for the development of cities
  20. Vernacular architecture in the Danube area