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Results of the "INTER- ACT" working group

Strategy on interdisciplinary approach in doctoral research at UAUIM

Offer of interdisciplinary research topics for UAUIM doctoral schools, fundable by external/internal grants

Database of theses with interdisciplinary topics defended at UAUIM from 1990 - present

Database of possible doctoral school partnerships to develop interdisciplinary research

Results of the "SMART RESEARCH" working group

Study on the impact of new technologies in doctoral research in architecture and urbanism - results of the questionnaire applied to registered doctoral students:

Database of relevant publication/dissemination possibilities in the academic and scientific environment for the fields of architecture-urbanism (journals/quoted conferences, etc):

Database with contacts - foreign professors from other doctoral programs, possible to invite to conferences/lectures/cotuaries etc.-

Results in the "DUNAREA" working group

Action plan on continuation of Danube-related research projects:

Database with thematic bibliography on architecture-urbanism related to the Danube:

Offer of future research topics related to the Danube. 20 proposals: 

Booklet "Danubian cities as a research laboratory"

LCDI brochure:

A summary presentation of some of UAUIM's research projects from 2013 to 2022, with the aim of informing and stimulating the doctoral school community about accessing grants and research projects.