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Creative Danube: innovative teaching for inclusive development in small and medium-sized danubian cities

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Beneficiary: Erasmus+ Action K203 - Strategic partnerships in the university field.

Period: 2019-2022

Project leader (UAUIM): Mihaela Hărmănescu

Project management team: Angelica Stan - monitoring and implementation manager, Sorin Manea - communication and dissemination manager, Dan Dună - financial manager

Project team & teaching and learning collaborators (UAUIM): Mihaela Negulescu, Marius Voica, Andra Panait, Cristina Mândrescu, Maria Enache, Justin Baroncea, Alexandru Calcatinge, Monica Amuza, Ioana Enache, Alina Stoica,

Students (UAUM): Diana Neagu, Maria Iuca, Patricia Stan, Cristian Mormenschi, Maria Alexandra Ivănescu, Monica Amuza, Ioana Enache, Calea Silvia-Ioana, Zoheir-Alexandru Chakhachiro, Tania Bacale, Samuel Stancu, Antonia Panaitescu, Almond Edgar David Chismorie, Dan Ervin Ivanov, Martha Robanescu, Cristina Luca

Short description

The project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, is based on the observation of an increased level of discrepancies and divergences in the development of the different regions of the Danube, among which the imbalance experienced by the small and medium-sized towns along the Lower Danube is striking, as they are facing challenges related to urban shrinkage processes, ageing population, poor accessibility, lack of employment, loss of local identity and a declining river industry. Moreover, their spatial development is characterised by incoherent and non-participatory planning processes that lead to the waste of natural and human resources and foster the emergence of environmental problems.

The DANUBIAN_SMCs project addresses these challenges in a creative, innovative and trans-disciplinary way, based on the exchange of knowledge and experience between the actors and institutions involved, in a prestigious European consortium consisting of: University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" of Bucharest - Romania (project leader), Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Hungary, Technical University of Wien - Austria, Univesity of Novisad - Serbia, University of Belgrade - Serbia, Danube University of Krems - Austria and Technical University - Slovakia. The project focuses on developing and testing creative methodologies in university education in the fields of urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture, using new research tools in addressing complex spatial planning problems, creating a database and necessary co-interest connections between small and medium-sized cities with similar problems in the Danube region.

The DANUBIAN_SMCs project organised :


1) Methodological guide of new interdisciplinary theoretical and practical teaching methods for the evaluation of small and medium-sized towns in the Danube region;

2) Data collection report on good practices and cross-border teaching/learning cooperation in small and medium-sized towns on the Danube for knowledge transfer in students' continuing education;

3) Teaching module for teaching inclusive development in small and medium-sized Danube towns.

In the long term, the project provides the basis for the creation of an interdisciplinary master/post-master programme, aimed at deepening the issue of inclusive development in the Danube region.